3 Days of Photo Organizing

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Summer is just around the corner. That means school’s out and fun times are happening. It’s time for lots of picture taking. We seem to go from one busy season to another but I’m giving you a chance to stop… and breathe! Yes, it’s ok to just stop for a moment and say “I don’t have to do it all.” But if you’re ready, I have a short photo organizing challenge for you.

My job here at Living Joy Photo is to help you find JOY in your photo collection, NOT to give you something else you feel like you should be doing. If your photos are not important to you that is OK and we can still be friends. But, if you do care about your photos and feel now is the time to give them some love and attention I have just the thing for you.

3-day photo organizing challenge

Three-day photo organization challenge just for you

Over the course of three simple lessons, I am going to walk you through organizing your photos. Encouraging you to start a new system with your photos and help you on the path to enjoying your photos.

Are you ready?

  • Let’s start with finding a location for your photos
  • Then let’s get curious and explore where you decided to keep your photos
  • Then establish a routine to keep the momentum going

Now is the time to get started, before we get into full summer mode. I promise it will be short (less than 15 min a day) and then you will have the framework to do more if and when you are ready.

If you are ready to get your photos in order but just don’t want to take the time and energy I offer full-service photo organizing services, check out my website or contact me for more information.

Now, get ready to enJOY your photos!

Find Joy

in your photos again.