Father’s Day Photo Gifts

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Father’s Day is coming up. Time to celebrate that special connection with the men in our lives. As a self-proclaimed minimalist I struggle with buying stuff for holidays such as Father’s Day, but I am all for experiences, relationships, and memories. This leaves photo-related gifts at the top of my list. When my children were little I made a few simple photo projects for Father’s Day using Photoshop that was useful and meaningful. Now I have a much simpler option for you.

Have you heard of Canva?

Canva is a free graphic design website that allows even the most creatively challenged person to look like a professional graphic designer. I made these two Father’s Day bookmarks for you. If you click on the image it will say “a template created by Jenn was shared with you”, click on the purple “use template’ button, and your all set. All you have to do is add your own photos and you have a special gift for dad. But if you want to go further, you can change all the elements to customize just for you. You can change colors, fonts, and wording. Maybe you want to say “World’s Best Grandpa”, go for it! Now any time dad, grandpa, uncle or best friend picks up a book they will have a reminder of special memories you have shared together.

I have another photo-related suggestion if you are looking for something different. A few years ago I had a picture that I wanted to be printed on wood. I looked around and found a new company PhotoBarn, and decided to give them a try. I liked they were a small company, supporting small businesses, and they were somewhat local. This is the picture I ordered and I was very happy, the wood look fits perfectly with the image. Since then, I have also ordered another picture and Christmas photo ornaments. They have a nice selection of creative and unique products such as wood blocks and canvas hanging prints. Absolutely no affiliate, I just love their products.

What ever you choose to do for Father’s Day, I hope you spend it with with people who love you and make you laugh. Make memories, build relationships, get in there and be part of the action AND take a few pictures to tell your story of 2021.

Find Joy

in your photos again.