Graduation Special Bundle

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Spring is here and that means graduation season is right around the corner. Even if you are not in a season of life that graduation is a thought, if you have kids it will be sooner than you think. Whether your child is 2 or 16 a high school graduation is going to happen (it’s ok, go get the tissues but come back, I’m going to help you).

Speaking from experience, the senior year is a busy year from September to June.  There were so many times that I needed to find ‘that just right photo’, from the baby picture for the yearbook to the special activity collage for senior night. I was so thankful that I had my pictures organized making them easy to find. My one piece of advice for you my friend is to get your photos organized BEFORE graduation is a thought. It will be emotional enough; you will not need added stress trying to find those special pictures.

If you have an upcoming graduate in your family you may already know what I am talking about. There are so few turning points in our lives as monumental as graduating, celebrating all the hard work leading up to this point and the excitement for the future. The other side of experiencing my child graduate was the video I put together to play at her graduation party. The only problem was that on the day of her party I forgot to play it!

So… I can’t come to your party and play the video for you, but I can do some of the work to make the celebration extra special with my Graduation Album/Video bundle. What a wonderful way to celebrate this special time with a photo album documenting your child’s journey thru the past 18 years and with the addition of a special video to play at your graduation celebration (with a reminder to actually play it). You will have the opportunity to have both the album and video completed in time for your graduation celebration or have the video for your celebration but finish the album after graduation to include those pictures. It’s your celebration the choice is yours!

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