How can a Digital Photo Organizer help you?

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When I first heard of this service I thought 2 things – Is that really a thing, and WOW that sounds fun!

Organizing is a thing. We collect stuff, sometimes our stuff gets out of control and sometimes it gets overwhelming. Let’s take a moment to think about your photo collection. I am sure you have a fair share of print photos, maybe of your childhood or your grandparents. Possibly these are tucked away in a box in the far corner of your house. We’ll discuss organizing them another day. But, what about those digital pictures? With your digital photos, it is much easier to let this get out of control. There is no cost to taking 100’s of pictures of your children, your pets, your vacation, flowers, whatever you enjoy. However, they do take up digital space, on your phone, computer, CD’s, cameras and the list go on. With all these possible sources it’s easy to forget what you have where. Then as technology progresses and old technology becomes out of date, some of the photos can’t even be accessed anymore. and become lost to us.

As I will say often, our photos hold special memories, they tell stories that are meaningful to us. They have the ability to remind us of our heritage, begnings, family growth, difficult and good memories, what has helped shape who we are, our family and the list could go on. It is my job as a professional photo organizer to curate your photo collection into something that is secure and accessible, so those memories are safe for future generations. Then we can be inspired to create with those photos to help share the stories they tell.

A Digital Organizing Session is going to bring the JOY back into your photo collection by:

  • Consolidating
  • Organizing
  • Backing up
  • Developing an ongoing photo management system that is easy to maintain.

Your project will begin with a conversation. At that time, we will come up with a plan for your photo collection. We will discuss where your photos currently reside, come up with an ongoing photo management system that will work for you, and prep for your project. After that initial call I will begin the work. All my work will be on your computer through screen sharing software. You will not need to be present as I work and often things will be running in the background so your computer will still be available to you. Each project is unique but expect the time frame to be about 2-3 weeks. At the end you will have a newly organized photo collection that is secure, easy to maintain and enjoy!

Ready to get started! Book a session here.

Find Joy

in your photos again.