How Will You Tell Your Story?

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You know those movies that tell the story and you feel like you are there experiencing it all along with the characters. It can transport you to a different time immersing you in the culture, music, and food. The movie ‘The Sandlot’ is a great example of this, it brings us back to another time. A time when summer was carefree, a time when kids were kids, a time when it was scary to make friends but if you went for it you would have the summer of your life.

Our photos have this same effect. I know I’m not the only one who feels passionately about my photos and the stories they tell. They have the power to make us experience a different time and place. I love looking at old photos. Something about seeing different clothing, hair styles, and cars and wondering about what the people in the photos may have been doing and thinking.

Think of your photo collection as different perspectives of your story. How do you want to tell it? What do you want to tell? You have control over your story and how that story gets told.

Some examples I have done include, documenting my grandmother’s story through her handwritten recipe cards. Preserving her handwriting along with the recipes is one way to tell her story. Another example was when my grandparents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. We asked friends and family to write them letters, we included these memories together in an album as another way to tell their story.

More examples of storytelling with photos

  • Babies first year
  • Graduation
  • Wedding and Honeymoon
  • Special birthday
  • Vacation
  • Anniversary
  • Family Yearbook
  • Celebration of Life
  • Adoption

As I said earlier it is your story. Think about what’s important to you, how do you want to tell it? If you have a story to tell but don’t have the time or know-how, I offer custom albums, videos, and scanning. I would love to help you tell your story, something to share with your children and future generations. Click here for more information. What stories do you want to tell?

Find Joy

in your photos again.