Photo Sharing Options For Your Family Get-together

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Happy Memorial Day Friends!

With Memorial Day here it’s time for summer to start. If you’re excited to start your summer let’s hear a loud WHOOHOO!!!

This year more than any other year I think we are ready to celebrate. Celebrate those weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and family we missed last year. Since it has probably been a long time since we have seen our precious family members, I would expect A LOT of picture taking. What do you do when you have multiple people taking pictures? You have everyone taking pictures and you only want the best shot of your little Jonny on Grandpa Max’s lap, what are your options?

Well, I have put together some options for sharing photos at your next family get-together. But, before we get to that let me say something up front; this is not an inclusive list, there can be other options, but in the end, the one you are able to use will be the best option for you. Ok, now here are some of my suggestions for sharing photos at your next family get-together:


This is a good option because it is available for both iOS and Android. There is a free plan but you either are given a small amount of storage with 2GB and no time limit or 2TB for 14-days on the plus or professional plan.

Shared albums on iCloud

This is a very easy option if everyone is an Apple user. If not, it is possible to be used with Android but it’s complicated. The other drawback is that the photos are slightly compressed. This wouldn’t be much of an issue for a standard 4×6 size but if you want larger pictures this wouldn’t be the best option.


Shutterfly exists for creating with your photos. They are not a photo storage site. Technically you can still store pictures if you have recently ordered however, the download process is tedious and messy. It may work for just a few photos but it is not a recommended option.

One Drive

This is a good option. One Drive is a Microsoft product for PC but it is also available for Mac. It does have a free option for 5 GB storage. It has easy sharing and it is easy to get photos out. It is not familiar to most people but with a little learning, this could work for your next family function.


Google is changing its plan as of June 1, 2021, it will no longer be free. It is also complicated to get the photos out. Even though it is familiar to many people it’s not the best option.

I’ve talked before about photo tips for your next vacation. In that, my first photo tip is to plan ahead. I believe that also applies here. If you take some time to decide on the best option beforehand then you will be all set to share those precious photos during or after you come home.

After you come home you can start creating with your photos and videos. Until then…

Happy picture taking!

Find Joy

in your photos again.