Quick Photo Organizing Tips For Your Phone

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How many photos do you have on your phone? Do they bring you JOY or a level of stress? Let’s take a few minutes today to help your photos bring you more joy and less stress.

I have 5 organizing tips for your phone photos that will help you manage them just a little easier and with easier management they can bring you more joy.

  • Evaluate your purpose. Are you taking photos to document every waking moment of your life? Or are you taking photos to remember the special moments and share with family and friends? We do not need every moment of our life documented. If you remember back to film days there was a cost to taking pictures, now just because that cost has disappeared it doesn’t mean that every meal, outfit or art project needs to be documented.
  • Delete often. Start a routine of reviewing your photo feed. You can sort your photos by media type and quickly go through your screenshot and burst folders.
  • Delete multiple photos by tapping ‘select’, then tap a photo, hold and swipe all the photos you want to delete.
  • Use albums. Make albums for photos you want easy access to. For example, you could make albums for your favorite pictures of each of your kids, a before and after album of a renovation, photos for your family yearbook, or photos for a special project.
  • Use shared albums for ‘information’ you want to have access to but are not actual photos. Things like screenshots, recipes, or funny memes, this is all information we may want to hold onto but does not need to be part of your photo collection.

Just a quick note about shared albums. Shared albums are stored in iCloud but don’t count towards your iCloud space. The photos in shared albums are duplicates meaning if you add a photo to a shared album you can delete it from your camera roll. The photos in shared albums are compressed slightly so it’s not a good place for your important photos but this makes it a great place to store the information files I discussed above. It gets this stuff off your camera roll, is easy to find, and doesn’t matter about quality. My trick – I ‘share’ this album with just myself, so it’s an easy reference for me.

It does not have to be all or nothing. It is my job to help you find the JOY in your photo collection, start today with a few of these tips and see if it helps the photo overwhelm. Drop me a line and let me know which tip you are starting with.

Find Joy

in your photos again.