Summer Vacation Photo Checklist

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I know for many people, summer and especially this summer means travel. Travel to see friends and family we have been missing or just to spread our wings after a few long years. With all this travel it usually means pulling out the camera and taking lots of pictures and videos.

Today let’s talk about a photo prep list. Some things to think about and pull together before travel. With a little prep work, you will be ready to capture all those fun family moments. And then enjoy those memories long after the vacation is over.

Vacation Photo Checklist. 1 the plan. 2 the equipment. 3 the storage. 4 the backup

Vacation Photo Prep

The Plan

All my photo-related lists start with the plan or purpose. Now is the time to think about what and how you want to capture the special moments of your trip. This does not need to be set in stone but gives you a framework. It can help you enjoy your time on vacation by getting the pictures and video you want without always having a camera in hand.

The Equipment

Gather all the cords, batteries, and chargers you may need. If you are thinking of getting some new technology, get it early so you can practice and it figure all out before you go.

The Storage

Most often we are taking pictures on our phones and the photo collection on our phones gets messy and full. Check that you have space on your phone for photos and videos. Consider making an album for your vacation photos.

The Backup

If you have a backup plan, make sure it’s working and updated. If you don’t, I have a simple 3-day photo organizing challenge that will get you started quickly. Click here to check it out.

I hope this checklist gives you the encouragement to take a little time before your trip to get your memory keeping in order. With a little prep work before your trip, you will be able to capture those memories you want and then be able to find and create with your photos when you get home.

Happy traveling and get ready to enJOY your photos!

Find Joy

in your photos again.