New Year, New Photo Organizing Habits

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It is said that it takes 30 days to build a new habit. What habit are you trying to start this new year? If it is organizing your phone photos then let me encourage you that YES it can get done!

Before we even think about picking up your phone, l I like to start with mindset. I am amazed at how many people are embarrassed at the number of photos they have. It doesn’t matter at all if you have 200 or 200,000 pictures. They are your photos and mean something to you! However, we do want to be able to enjoy our photos and if you are more on the 200,000 side then probably some organization is needed. Give yourself some grace. Whatever condition you feel your photo roll is in remember this- it didn’t happen in one day and this is not a project that will be completed in one day. If you start at the beginning with this mindset it can save a lot of frustration throughout the process. Starting with a plan will help get you through the mess and to the other side so you can enjoy your photos.

As we begin to dive into the photos, let’s start by looking forward. For now, let’s ignore the mess of the past and think about what new routines you can adopt moving forward. My suggestion, start a regular delete habit. If you can regularly spend some time with your pictures then it can become easy to keep your photo collection in order. You spend just a little time, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, it doesn’t exactly matter as long as you can be consistent. Life gets busy so set a reminder on your phone to get you started. It doesn’t have to take a long, here’s what you are looking for…

  • Blurry Photos- Delete those blurry photos.
  • Burst Photos- Go through your burst album, select the one or two pictures you want to keep, and delete the rest.
  • Screenshots- In my opinion, screenshots should not be kept in your photo roll. I keep my screenshots in a shared album and delete them from my photo roll
  • Non-Photo Pictures- These would be pictures of directions, recipes, shopping lists, etc. If these need to be saved they can go either in a shared album or the notes app.
  • Temporary Photos- Delete these pictures when done.

Before you start having anxiety about deleting photos I want you to think about this, the fewer photos you have the more meaning each photo holds. If you walk away from a child’s birthday party with 500 photos or 30, which do you think you will use and cherish? All 500? Probably not, but those special 30- most definitely. The lesson here – delete is your friend. This is my encouragement to you that it is OK to delete pictures.

Now that we have built this new habit and mind frame, let’s think about the older photos. You can search by day and month to find all the photos taken at that time. As you are doing your current review of your photos also search back to all the photos taken on that day or time frame. You can systematically work through your entire photo roll.

And maybe, if you are keeping up with this you will delay or never see the dreaded “storage is full” popup.

Happy photo organizing and ENJOY those photos!

If you are ready to dive into this project but feel overwhelmed or anxious, I offer photo organizing services ranging from full service to supporting you through DYI consult. Contact me for further information.

Find Joy

in your photos again.